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Metal Spirit count down…

Monday, March 30th, 2009


these little ghosts are ready to go! limited to 19 only! some may ask why 19 and not 20 or 15? actually 20 was made, but i’m keeping one myself hehe….

so they are 2.4 inches tall, glow in the dark! yup they look spooooky at night! made of acrylic resin, a more eco-friendly material, also much harder than normal resin! keepin it green :-)

preoder price will be $13 USD plus shipping, and the price is likely to go up later for non preorders!

Pre-order is available right here on 2 April, 22:00pm GMT(UTC) time! (click here to find out current GMT time)


Hollow Threat

Tuesday, March 24th, 2009

this has been a long over due project, in 07′ i did a series of deadly beats artwork, it was heavily influenced by punk rock music i was listening to, in fact the name came from a punk band ‘minor threat’, and plan was to develop a punk rock themed t-shirt line, there were 6~7 designs i put together in 08′, just before the production begin, i decide to pull it, something was missing, they just don’t look right, i still can’t tell what it is….

hollowthreatuntil early 09′, suddenly i had this heavy metal idea pop up, remind me the days in high school, my mates were metal heads, they played all kinds of norwegian death/black metals in the art class, crazy days… when this idea came up, i quickly did a new heavy metal panda drawing, and other supporting characters, everything went smooth! so the hollow threat today is more of metal-ish project, however i’m still working/fixing the drawings from my initial ideas, hollow threat site is not quite ready, but u can get a first peek of what its about

anyways, a little update on ‘metal spirit’ toy, its all painted, i’m about to take some product shots tonight, and they will be available for pre-order next week! so stay tuned :)

Metal Spirit : Work in Progress

Monday, March 16th, 2009

i’ve been quietly working on this new toy, it’s my first go on making toys myself, so after some trial and errors, im comfortable to announce this new project i’m doing!

it all began when i see some great artists like itokin park, jared deal….etc making their own resin toy, so i start searching for materials and how tos, it’s actually not that difficult, lot of steps, but its all straight forward, so anyone out there want to become a toy artist, it’s a perfect time to do so! this resin wave is going to be very exciting!! :)

Metal Spirit WIP

this is an early production photo (making the first part of silicon mold), more info on this little ghost soon!

Marc Ellis with Maori Tee!

Monday, March 9th, 2009

it’s been a year since my maori tee is out, good to see people still wearing it, these images was taken from last week’s Top Town (episode 3), its a kiwi outdoor game show, kinda like those asian game show from 10+ years ago, remind me of the show i used to watch every weekend when i was a kid…




p.s. thx geoff for telling me the shirt is on tv :)

Illazilla tour dates

Friday, March 6th, 2009


Friday, March 06 2009 @ APW Gallery in New York from 6pm – 9pm. 48-18 Van Dam Street, Queens, NY 11101

Official after party @ t.b.d. Lounge in Greenpoint, Brooklyn from 11pm – 4am. 224 Franklin St. Brooklyn, NY 11222

Friday, March 20 2009 @ Laced LV in Las Vegas from 6pm – 11pm. 3990 Schiff Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89103

Saturday, April 4 2009 @ Meltdown Comics in Los Angeles from 3pm – 10pm (closing festivites starting at 7pm). 7522 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles CA 90046

Saturday, April 18 2009 @ Prototype in Hawaii from 6pm – 9pm. 98-1005 Moanalua Rd # 868 Aiea, HI 96701