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Attack of Illazilla

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009

Illazilla (formerly known as T-Wrecks) is a hand made wooden toy by TNES, he has invited over 20 artists to customize this little beast, and i painted my straight edge illazilla a month ago, soon i’ll put it up on my portfolio :-)

illazilla flyer

illazillas are going on road for a mini tour, starting from NYC, to Vegas, LA and ends at Hawaii!! be sure to check them out at one of the shows, there are so many exciting customs!! i had a peek at some illazilla today, and i really love what Phu & Artdenka did, totally mind blowing! (now i wish i can redo mine…ha!)

new website?!

Monday, March 2nd, 2009

into the fifth year now, i’ve upgrade the site bit by bit through out the years, and now i’m saying good bye to flash, and hello to blog! with new flash version come out every year, it’s annoying to keep my design & coding up to date, so i have to sort of give up on it, and switch to blogs, its just so much easier to update and all….

i tried to keep the UI / experience similar to old flash site, kept the old lions on top, and colour schemes(slack slack), oh ya, i even copy paste some old news to the blog, so some older posts may look funny, where there are no images they refer to…… ya i know :-P

here’s my little web evolution:


hope you all enjoy the new website :-)