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Maori Warrior drops June 1st

Saturday, May 30th, 2009

Maori Warrior AWE

My new toy is a 8″ hand-cast & painted resin figure, character based on my paper diorama ‘Aotearoa’, first release will be ALL WHITE EDITION, limited to 20 figures world-wide! It will be at Santos from June 1st, online orders to follow later in June! :-)

114 Ponsonby Rd,
Ponsonby, Auckland.
New Zealand

p.s. I know white toy don’t make sense to many people, especially toy collectors, usually white toys are blanks, but Maori Warrior is painted white intentionally. In the past few weeks of working & looking at maori warrior, personally think it look nice as it is unpainted, shape and details showed up pretty well, besides all features has been sculpted, so I decided to let light and shadow do their work on this one(natural lighting condition will do).

21 Century Woodblock Printing

Wednesday, May 27th, 2009

Maori Warrior Packaging WIP

spent the morning working on the upcoming toy packaging, trying to have a hand made feeling to it, so i made my hi-tech woodblock, enjoyed my time doing some old fashion print making, packaging is done! :-)

check back soon for Maori Warrior release info….

p.s. little reminder on nakanari’s spiki show, may 30th, 2-6pm at the Urban Outfitters in the Millennia Mall in Orlando, Florida.

Maori Warrior : First Look!

Thursday, May 21st, 2009

Maori Warrior Sneak Preview

here goes my new toy, more details to come shortly! ;-)

in my mailbox…

Tuesday, May 19th, 2009


weeee! just received DESIGN NET magazine today, a korean magazine i did some interview with few weeks ago, they are damn fast! #140 is a special issue on toy designs, featuring artists like Sket One, David Horvath, Shin Takana, Easy Hey….etc, and i’m lucky enough to be part of this!

must say i really enjoyed the zine, even though i can’t read korean, but the nice clean layout and tons of pictures made up to it, i read it over and over as if i know the words….hehe

faesthetic 11

faesthetic 11

Faesthetic is also new to me, its a pretty cool magazine without many texts, which is perfect for me, i hate readings haha… full on drawings and doodles!! i did some exclusive artworks for it, also unveils where Metal Spirit came from…. both magazine are out now! go grab them!

big thanks to Dustin & Jihye!

p.s. my new toy is coming very very soon! ;-)

Spiki Spiki Spiki

Monday, May 11th, 2009

orlando based artist/friend nakanari is dropping his new toy SPIKI on may 30th! i had a peek on what he has been putting together, there will be spiki custom by spiki creator, his super clean line and poppy colors spiki is superb, i seriously think its paint by machine and he’s lying! along with various artists doing spiki canvas, and of course original spikis, its gonna be a very spiki day! to make it more spiki, how about everyone going with a spiki hair? (i used to have hair like spiki in high school, and my teacher hated it hehe)

anyways, i’ve been asked to do a drawing of spiki, so i turned my new heavy metal panda character into a 80s looking spiki panda, ummm yea something like that, its going to be one off digital piece, available at the spiki show! and soon to follow on my portfolio :-)


click to see the show details…