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JB resin toy available now!

Friday, October 29th, 2010

i’m excited to announce JB resin toy is now available from my online store! 好評発売中! en vente maintenant! jetzt im Verkauf! уже в продаже! hehe… :-)

have you seen JB’s back? shes carrying a BIG heart on her back! thats where you could tag the name of your loved one(or granny) with a sharpie pen!  making every JB a unique piece! (and rumor saying that writing the name of your crush on heart would make he/she love you instantly!!! OMG! :P)

thanks to all the toy sites who covered JB news from the beginning! ToyBreak, Plastic and Plush, TOMOPOP, Spankystokes, Vinyl Pulse, Toysrevil, Vinyl Abuse, Battlegrip, Hello Vinyl……and more (sorry if i missed you out! i’d love to add all the toy sites on my links page, so drop me a line if i missed your site!)

JB release date confirmed!

Thursday, October 21st, 2010

paint has dried, and the wait is over! *finally* JB is on target to drop on thursday 28th October, 1:00pm pacific time! :-)

JB is a hand-cast & painted resin toy, limited to 20 figures only! she stands 5.5 inches tall(same height as PANDARA), and it will be $50 USD + shipping.

Behind the scene…

Friday, October 15th, 2010

while waiting for the JB to be ready for release, and in middle of beating heavy workloads… somehow i felt like doing some video editing late last night(stress therapy?!), so i put together this short behind the scene of making JB promo video, it was so much fun making the JB video, its the 3rd toy video we did, and we seem to know what we are doing this time, hahaha….

at the end of video, you’ll see the “extra, bonus, unseen” footage of the filming in a tunnel built since WWII?! where JB interacts with tourist, they seem to mistaken JB as part of the historical object in the tunnel?!(make sure you turn on subtitle!) i giggled so bad, the video is unusable…. good times! :-D

once again, thanks to Geoff Budd, Ognedal, Amy Lam and Mark@WO for creating this video


JB coming soon…

Friday, October 8th, 2010

hello folks, are you waiting for JB like i am? i was aiming to get this toy out by today, but there are just too many things going on at the moment, i’m customizing 2 toys, 1 pair of sneaker, 1 painting for exhibitions all happen at same time!! last week was wasted on a badly designed greenhouse, lots of frustrations, but hey, its done and use-able!! i’m kinda proud that me and my family built this greenhouse by ourselves! now i’m painting JB in the green house, keeping me, JB & some plants nice and warm!

i’m not rushing it, i want to make sure every JB come out nicely, so i’m pushing the release date to late october! JB stands 5.5 inches tall, about same height as PANDARA, it’ll be $50 USD, only 20 to be made! if you would like to reserve one, email me to register your interest :-)