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BEVIL Toy W.I.P Part 3

Friday, May 25th, 2012

continues from Part 2, this week i focus on BEVIL’s face, starting with the paper stencils…

‘face lifting’…literally…..upper part of the face has been lifted to create his mouth! and mark down all the face features from the help of stencil :-)

he can now see, breath and eat….slowly coming alive!

…to be continued! ❤

BEVIL Toy W.I.P Part 2

Friday, May 18th, 2012

progress continues from Part 1, shape up the body with ‘proper’ super sculpey…

this is my toy ass 2.0, those who owned a sushi kaiju is no stranger to sexy butts! but this is the next level of sexiness… ;)

work out the center lines of the body…face?

this is the only part where i use the etching knife, it works well with straight lines…..

to be continued… :)

BEVIL Toy W.I.P Part 1

Saturday, May 12th, 2012

my new toy project has began! it was a difficult decision to pick a character to bring it to live this year, there was ice cream idea which came so close to production, and sushi kaiju’s pet, which i really want it myself, but i end up going for BEVIL, an evil broccoli, one that i have many extended ideas for, and toy will be the first part of the evil plan…hehe >:)

it starts with some hand lettering, i enjoy custom lettering for all my characters….

where the name came from, B in Devil = BEVIL :)

BEVIL slowly evolves in my very rough sketches…

foil structure of the sculpture, underneath is the finalized guide….still a rough one but its good enough for my understanding :P

foil now covered with my ‘unwanted clay’, this is a failed material i learned online, mixing super sculpey with black fimo, according to google result, this should be grey color, a superior material for sculpting and better visibility of details…. it turns out black and not so great, so i’ve been using them as inner layer :-/

…to be continued ❤

My New Favorites 2K12…

Saturday, May 5th, 2012

box full of new toys, been sitting for months waiting to be opened, now i’m switching to ‘TOY MODE’ a.k.a. getting ready for my next toy production, its a perfect time to take a timeout and get inspired(playing) by these awesome toys, here are some of my recent favorites! (follow me on instagram to see all my new toys, search username ‘hollowthreat’)

NBA fan since late 80s, but this is probably my first NBA toy?! love the character style! packaging looks great till i opened it….a cold black plastic bag carrying the player inside?! you know what i was thinking? ><

KG!! yay(still alive)! he’s among my top wish list from this series, toy itself is solid made and printed! looking forward to next series, addition of J.Lin maybe? :)

gary baseman’s blindbox! love his artworks, finally something i can afford, more little toby toys please….

tokidoki’s unicorn! i like every unicorn design in this series, but i think i got the one that suits me the best! he’ll get along with PANDARA and friends in no time >:)

some highlights of gashapon(capsule toys), from left to right, GeGeGe no Kitaro x Hello Kitty! Elmo x Telly Monster! these are the mashups done right….. and ghost minnie!? from the instruction it looks like it will lit up when receiving a phone call? (i might be wrong, because instruction is in japanese haha) and far right is some unidentified NHK kids program character, do you know what its called? whatever that is, its pretty cute, and its a ‘sofubi’, good considerations, keep the kids safe hehe….

more goodness from artist/teacher miho utsugi! mask elementary school’s dairy(comic book) & theme song(dvd contains the theme song and cartoons), fresh stuff from japan!! :)

FULFILLED! ready to make some new toys! i’ll start toy production updates from next week… stay tuned! ❤