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New Favorite Red(s)

Tuesday, January 29th, 2013

it’s been awhile since i last share(show off) some of my new treasures, i was gathering photos from my recent collection & stuff i scored from singapore trip, somehow 80% of them are in RED! so heres the RED edition of my favorite goods….enjoy! ;)
first up, two RED m&m’s containers, the figure is designed to store little m&m’s in his mouth, but i’ll use it as my toy storage, fill with my smaller capsule toys…really well crafted piece IMHO!

above are custom sandblasted mugs by Lemon One, a very clever graffiti artist/designer based in germany, his graffiti and lettering has always been fresh & cute!

A & P doodle from Lemon One! thank you!

QiQi by ziqi! i get to meet this very humble & talented artist during STGCC last year! like every other oversea trip, i’ll always hunt for local toys, and for singapore, its merlion and qiqi!

last but not least, i like toys fanzine by andy(toysrevil), yes i’m not colorblind, its in orange, but anything from toysrevil should be seen as RED…right?! this little hand-made magazine fully shows his passion for toys! if you love toys and/or want to learn more about art toy culture, you should pick up a copy!

Hello 2013!

Monday, January 14th, 2013

Hello 2013! hope you all have a great holiday!! me and my partner(Amy) normally take the break to the outdoors, since we did quite a bit of traveling last year, we decided to do something different this time, we are making a claymation!! or are we?? without the proper training or knowledge, we are just having fun and take a lot of shots of clays we made….that moves :P

this claymation project is tied to the concept of my next toy design, which will revealed in the animation…. still plenty of work to be done, more claymation updates to come!

new year’s resolution: work more efficiently, turn more toy ideassssss into reality! :-)