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BEVIL Needs You!

Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013


Dear broccoli slaves!

if you are following DTA closely, you may have notice that BEVIL has been nominated for ‘Best Resin Toy‘ this year, thanks to the cabbage that nominated me! BEVIL wouldn’t mind take home that golden trophy and paint it green! so BEVIL urge all you broccoli supporters & slaves, head over to this page and VOTE for BEVIL! (you can vote once every 24hr & vote multiple times!) >:)

thank you & eat more greens! – BEVIL

Sakura Sushi Kaiju + Aqua BEVIL available now!

Saturday, May 18th, 2013

Sushi Kaiju Sakura Flavored & BEVIL Aqua Edition are up for grab now @ my online shop! go ahead and adopt your broccoli and/or sushi, good luck and hope they all found good homes! :-)

UPDATE: they are both SOLD OUT! thanks to all the blogs that helped spread the word! i’ll be shipping out toys in batches in next few days!

Making of Aqua BEVIL

Friday, May 17th, 2013

prime and sand these little broccoli…

mix my aqua blue & green…

airbrush the top half…

adding 2nd tone…

hand painted his little eyes + layers of protection coats at the end = birth of the Aqua BEVIL!

ready to adopt your little broccoli? don’t forget Sakura Sushi Kaiju will also be available from my online shop within 24hr(17 May 1pm PT)!! see you soon! :-)

Aqua BEVIL & Sakura Sushi Kaiju!

Wednesday, May 15th, 2013

it’s a DOUBLE RELEASE this friday! all remains of BEVIL & Sushi Kaiju from chromacon will be available on my online shop Friday 17 May, 1pm Pacific Time(or 4pm Eastern time / 9pm London time)! :-)

BEVIL Aqua Edition – Edition of 10 only! $50 USD.

Sushi Kaiju Sakura Flavored – Edition of 10 only! $60 USD.

Chromacon Recap

Monday, May 13th, 2013

it was a tiring day for us, i manage to get 3hr sleep while fighting jet lag, setting up booth from 8am, and our setup looks something like this(a standing PANDARA missing from the pic ><) we signed 60 copies of chromacon books just before the doors open…

we didn’t expect such a great turn out, the crowd was absolutely amazing, met some new friends and some facebook friends/artists that i finally get to meet for the first time! thanks to everyone who drop by our booth & supported our artworks!

some kids taking photo with BEVIL & St. Wiener :-)

thank you mindy(topic rentals) for this photo above! and allan for hosting this awesome event!

all remain toys will go online this week! check back soon!!

p.s. sorry if i looked tired & respond slow that day, i had a good time, REALLY!