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Fortune Teller Valentine’s Edition

Sunday, January 26th, 2014

Fortune Teller Valentines Edition

Fortune Teller – Valentine’s Edition is available now, hand-cast & painted resin toy for your special someone(or your beloved collection), you can get it from my online store :)

Each come with a valentines themed fortune message, for those who wish to customize your own fortune(message) to your loved one, please place order first, then email me your message, thank you!


Cookie with Love! <3

Thursday, January 23rd, 2014

Paul Shih Making Fortune Teller

i got right back to toy making after the game release, and this edition of fortune cookie was an initial idea when i was designing Fortune Teller, to have customize message(fortune) as collector may wish to gift this to a friend, the custom fortune idea is happening this valentine’s day, it is possible to have your own message in the Fortune Teller, deliver to your loved one! (pre-printed valentine’s themed message also available, if you do not have a personal message to include)

Fortune Teller Valentine's Edition

Fortune Teller – Valentine’s Edition will be available on my online shop this Saturday 25th January, 12 noon Pacific Time!

p.s. Doo Doo Diving v1.1 update is available!

Bug on my Doo Doo!

Saturday, January 18th, 2014

within 24hr of my first game release, i’ve got report of a bug already! how awesome is that? good news, with some insect spray, i got that under control… some of you may experience issue unlocking stage 4, for some stupid reason it requires 1 golden toilet to unlock.

i’ve made the update, submitted to apple, as pic shown below, v1.1 will fix that issue, it’ll take a few days for apple to review, so please be patient! theres also a work around if you can’t wait to dive, thats score at least one gold toilet from stage1~3, thats pretty easy!


early divers, have a shitty weekend! ;)

Doo Doo Diving launched!

Thursday, January 16th, 2014

Doo Doo Diving is live! months of learning and working on this poop, it’s finally out, and now you can take your doo doo with you anywhere you go, download it from the App Store :)

more info to follow…was fed up with all sorts of preparation for my first app.

enjoy the trailer & have fun :)

Doo Doo Diving! Coming Soon!

Tuesday, January 7th, 2014

Doo Doo Diving 2014/1/16months without toy material to work with last year, came the opportunity to explore something new, and thats video game…or mobile game to be more specific!

grew up in the NES era, being a video game geek all my life, its one of my childhood dream to be able to make my own games, as i grow older, i learned the complicity of game making, and learned how terrible my math(and pretty much all academic) is, this dream slowly fades, never thought one day i’d be releasing a game, somehow i did…..and its actually playable!

my very first game – Doo Doo Diving will be on App Store next week(2014/1/16)! and i’ve just created a facebook page dedicated for the game, please LIKE the Doo Doo Diving page for upcoming updates and automatically be in to win a Doo Doo Diving gift code(condition to address soon)! :)