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Hollow Threat + Authentic Counterfeit Clothing

Thursday, April 14th, 2016

Hollow Threat Clothing

The desire to start a online clothing store came from the “Center of the Universe” design, we want to make this tee for our little boss so bad, it leads to a complete series of Hollow Threat collection, with some new and old artworks, most of the old work has been revisited, tweaked to new standard.

Authentic Counterfeit Clothing

Authentic Counterfeit is a fun and silly project where I play with images stuck in my head, a result of the materialistic world we live in today.

Are you like me, when you see clown fish, you call them nemo? Don’t recall seeing lemur in the zoo, but you remember seeing King Juliens? If you are like me, you are going to “see things” when you look at Authentic Counterfeit designs.

All designs are available in multiple styles and colors, for men, women & kids, thanks to the flexibility of Threadless, I can have matching tees with my little one!

Store is now OPEN, please go check them out & get yourself covered ;-)


Friday, April 8th, 2016

Hollow Threat Clothing Teaser 2016

There has been a tee idea floating in my head for months, an idea inspired by my 1 year old son, which I’ve always wanting to make this tee for him but couldn’t find the time to actually make it happen, so one day I received an invite to start an on-demand clothing shop, it’s perfect for the idea I have, so I decide to create that design….and a few for myself, somehow it end up with a series of Hollow Threat collection plus a little more!

So yeah, I’m launching the Hollow Threat clothing + a new line called “Authentic Counterfeit” on Thursday, April 14.

Authentic Counterfeit Teaser 2016

Naked no more(…very soon) ;-)