Hollow Threat

this has been a long over due project, in 07′ i did a series of deadly beats artwork, it was heavily influenced by punk rock music i was listening to, in fact the name came from a punk band ‘minor threat’, and plan was to develop a punk rock themed t-shirt line, there were 6~7 designs i put together in 08′, just before the production begin, i decide to pull it, something was missing, they just don’t look right, i still can’t tell what it is….

hollowthreatuntil early 09′, suddenly i had this heavy metal idea pop up, remind me the days in high school, my mates were metal heads, they played all kinds of norwegian death/black metals in the art class, crazy days… when this idea came up, i quickly did a new heavy metal panda drawing, and other supporting characters, everything went smooth! so the hollow threat today is more of metal-ish project, however i’m still working/fixing the drawings from my initial ideas, hollow threat site is not quite ready, but u can get a first peek of what its about http://www.hollowthreat.com/

anyways, a little update on ‘metal spirit’ toy, its all painted, i’m about to take some product shots tonight, and they will be available for pre-order next week! so stay tuned :)

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