Lil’ Death!

after months of hard work(mostly waiting for sunny day :P), production of Lil’ Death finally comes to an end!! Only 20 has been made, they will run for $40 USD plus shipping, available from monday 1pm PDT(8pm GMT) 26th April, 2010!!

check out the little teaser in HD! yay! thanks to Geoff for helping out the video shoot(and let me burn his wall and grass :P), and Ongedal‘s kick ass music! he has created an awesome new track that i was gonna use at first place, but the entry of Despotic is such an epic build up, i thought it works perfectly with the clip, anyways, i had FUN putting together this little video, hope ya’ll enjoy ;)

stay tuned….i shall have more updates very very soon, about Lil’ Death, COMIX, and a new book…….

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