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Design Assembly Interview

Monday, April 7th, 2014

Design AssemblyI was recently interviewed by Design Assembly, a NZ graphics design community providing inspiration and latest industry information for NZ creatives.

In this interview I talked about how I get into toy making, my toy designs, inspirations, my first game “Doo Doo Diving“, upcoming new game “Donut Pirate”…and many more, you can read the full interview online here.

Thank you Scott for the interview, a genuine awesome dude who’s also producing his very first toy, more toys coming out from Aotearoa, yessss! :)

‘By Your Side’ from Zapuni

Tuesday, March 11th, 2014

this is a clever stop motion to support children affected by 311 earthquake/tsunami, made by zapuni studio, best known for nhk’s domo kun series, its so well made that i have to share it with you… enjoy & remember to donate!

Brands & Illustrators

Friday, December 20th, 2013

brands & illustrators, a new book i’m featured in, well actually not that new, this book is in store for a few weeks now, i’ve been caught up with a new project, which took all my time and attention away from updating blog, glad that its pretty much complete and you’ll be hearing me talk about that “crap” very soon *hint*!
brands & illustrators - paul shihanyways, back to the book! the title says it all, its a collection of some of todays illustrators and showcase their products and branding, stoked to be part of the collection, as there are many illustrators i admired also featured in this book, TADO, Martin Hsu, Lou Lou & Tummie, Shin Takana….to name a few.

brands & illustrators - paul shih

brands & illustrators - paul shihthank you marc for this nicely edited art book, brands & illustrators is available world-wide, or directly from monsa publications. :)

Aortica Collectors Edition!

Wednesday, November 27th, 2013

Aortica Limited Editionaortica – the auckland/new zealand issue(thick & heavy art magazine) is back with this heavier collectors edition, packed in a black wooden box…

Aortica Limited Edition - Paul Shih coverlimited to 24 copies world-wide…

Aortica Limited Edition - Paul Shih cover3 out of 24 chance you can get one with my artwork on cover!

Aortica Limited Editioncollectors edition are hardcovers made from maculature sheets…

Aortica Limited Editioneach box come with a white crayon & AESOP travelkit…. available now from AORTICA. :)

Long road to my new toy…

Friday, September 13th, 2013

so its been awhile since i’ve release any new toys, so what happened to Rottey? (if you still remember…) or whatever toy i announced earlier?

well…things hasn’t been easy on my end this year, during the making of Rottey, the only toy material supplier in NZ closed their business(R.I.P topmark), that left me with nothing to work with, and during this time searching and waiting for replacement material/new supplier, new toy ideas has never stop coming, by the time i got all the materials, i’ve developed & skipped like 2~3 toy ideas already.

on the bright side, i get to experiment with new/better resin products, thanks to TAS for let me try their awesome new products! and during my timeout with toys, i have the chance to explore my other dream(besides toy), this remain a secret project for now, hopefully i could share this other dream project of mine by the end of year! ;)

anyways, with all materials in hand, progress on target, i’m confident to say my new toy will drop in September!

…can you tell whats my next toy?! more pics very soon! :-)