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Sushi Inu W.I.P – Part 1

Wednesday, October 29th, 2014

hello! its been awhile, i’ve been busy with the family and preparing for some DCon releases, Sushi Inu is a completely new toy design based on one of my Sushi Kaiju drawing, and most challenging piece i’ve made so far(technically), anyways, this is how it was made… Sushi_Inu_WIP-01starting with sketch and foil skeleton…
Sushi_Inu_WIP-02briefly warped up with super suclpey
Sushi_Inu_WIP-03with some help from the back of a marker pen, i was able to press the holes in even size…or close enough, these are for the legs!
Sushi_Inu_WIP-04shaped the seaweed warp…
Sushi_Inu_WIP-05preparing paper stencils…
Sushi_Inu_WIP-07mark the guides…
Sushi_Inu_WIP-08this is guide for the ear join areas…
Sushi_Inu_WIP-09carve back in for the ear joins
Sushi_Inu_WIP-10sculpt the eyes and mouth…
Sushi_Inu_WIP-11his little butt and tail
Sushi_Inu_WIP-13now that features are done, time to fill in with sushi rice…
Sushi_Inu_WIP-15Sushi Inu’s body complete!
Sushi_Inu_WIP-16moving on to his parts! for the ears, i drew the ear guide with sharpie on a piece of baking paper…
Sushi_Inu_WIP-17sculpt onto the baking paper that warps around the sushi, so that it maintain the shape and not stick onto the surface…
Sushi_Inu_WIP-18sharpie marked guide will transfer onto oil based sculpey surface, very helpful for me to continue shaping the ear part…
Sushi_Inu_WIP-19last part of the sculpt, four little legs! and Sushi Inu is ready for the mold… TO BE CONTINUED :)

Donut Pirate launched on AppStore!

Wednesday, April 30th, 2014

Donut Pirate is now available to download on iOS AppStore, for free! :)

Donut Pirate is my new take on endless catch & dodge game, designed for casual gamers like myself, I used to play large AAA games on consoles, since I got my iPhone, the way of gaming and my taste of game has changed quite a lot, the convenience of smartphone made me lazier, so lazy I can’t even bother to insert disc into gaming console :P

Donut Pirate Game

so this is my first attempt to design a game for the lazies, a very simple game where player tilt the device to control Donut Pirate, catch as many yummy donuts as they can! Look out for bombs & fire falling from the sky. Tilt, swipe and tap to survive the dangerous world of falling donuts!

Donut Pirate GameDonut Pirate in action!

Donut Pirate Game30 delicious donuts to unlock & collect…

Craving for some donuts now? feed your iPhone/iPad with Donut Pirate! :-)

p.s. Thanks to OLLA BOKU, Jason Liao & Caleb for making this game possible!

For the Love of Donut!

Friday, April 25th, 2014

Donut Pirate is a casual game I’ve been working on for over 2 months, with some helps from friends and family, it’ll finally see the light in a few days!

It started with a simple donut catching idea involving my Donut Pirate character and a lot of donutsssss! and the first thing came to mind is OLLA BOKU‘s cute donut drawings, so instead of me doing donut designs from scratch(likely end up something similar to OLLA’s), I thought it’d be fun to get her involve in the project, and I talked to OLLA about the game concept, she has been extremely supportive and easy to work with, contributed her large library of delicious donuts, allowed me to mess around with her designs to fit the game’s art style!

Donut Pirate GameOLLA BOKU not only draws donut, she also makes them….in wool! below are her handmade wool-plush donuts – LuLu & her partner, they are my favorite donuts from OLLA, which also appeared in the game! Thank you OLLA!

OLLA BOKU's Donut Plush

OLLA BOKU's Donut Plush(peter rabbit loves OLLA’s donut plush hehe..)

Donut Pirate game also sees contribution from Jason Liao, a fresh design graduate/game enthusiast/friend, he sketched some fire & explosion animation for the game, and they are something you probably don’t want to see in the game LOL(hints gameplay). Oh BTW…the game voice over was done by my 4 years old nephew Caleb! hope I don’t get sued over child labor… :P

thanks to everyone helped making this game, it’ll be available on App Store from 29 April…..for FREE! ❤

Evolution of Donut Pirate

Sunday, April 20th, 2014

Donut Pirate Paper DioramaDonut Pirate, a chihuahua inspired donut addict character, the very first Donut Pirate was created in 2008 as a paper diorama(above), followed by 3 colors Donut Pirate tee(below).

Donut Pirate Classic Tee

Donut Pirate 2014It’s still one of my favorite characters created to date, with a lot of personality and possibilities, I was hoping to turn it into a toy, but due to its complex design, its not technically possible for me create at this point. However, we’ll see Donut Pirate come to live on mobile devices very soon! A brand new Donut Pirate with full color, evolved to my current drawing style, Donut Pirate game will drop on April 29 on App Store, more details to follow… :)

We Are Indie Toys!

Wednesday, March 12th, 2014

we are indie toysarrived today is my most anticipated art book – WE ARE INDIE TOYS! very first book documenting the resin art toy culture, 30 selected artists demonstrate their resin toys & process of making, for those who want to get into toy making, there are plenty of useful tips & tricks, or those who collects resin toy, this is a perfect book for you! ;)

we are indie toys
we are indie toys - paul shiha complete collection of my Hollow Threat series resin toys(before fortune teller), every colorway and editions, thats 5 years of resin toys or 10 pages of plastic goodness from me…

we are indie toys - paul shih
we are indie toys - paul shihPANDARA on the back cover! :D

resin toys! spanish versionthank you Louis for this awesome book, WE ARE INDIE TOYS is available now in major book stores world-wide, or look out for spanish version called RESIN TOYS!