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For the Love of Donut!

Friday, April 25th, 2014

Donut Pirate is a casual game I’ve been working on for over 2 months, with some helps from friends and family, it’ll finally see the light in a few days!

It started with a simple donut catching idea involving my Donut Pirate character and a lot of donutsssss! and the first thing came to mind is OLLA BOKU‘s cute donut drawings, so instead of me doing donut designs from scratch(likely end up something similar to OLLA’s), I thought it’d be fun to get her involve in the project, and I talked to OLLA about the game concept, she has been extremely supportive and easy to work with, contributed her large library of delicious donuts, allowed me to mess around with her designs to fit the game’s art style!

Donut Pirate GameOLLA BOKU not only draws donut, she also makes them….in wool! below are her handmade wool-plush donuts – LuLu & her partner, they are my favorite donuts from OLLA, which also appeared in the game! Thank you OLLA!

OLLA BOKU's Donut Plush

OLLA BOKU's Donut Plush(peter rabbit loves OLLA’s donut plush hehe..)

Donut Pirate game also sees contribution from Jason Liao, a fresh design graduate/game enthusiast/friend, he sketched some fire & explosion animation for the game, and they are something you probably don’t want to see in the game LOL(hints gameplay). Oh BTW…the game voice over was done by my 4 years old nephew Caleb! hope I don’t get sued over child labor… :P

thanks to everyone helped making this game, it’ll be available on App Store from 29 April…..for FREE! ❤

Works Cited Exhibition @ myplasticheart

Thursday, April 10th, 2014

Works Cited Exhibition“Work Cited” is a group exhibition inspired by children’s literature, curated by Studio Miners, opening on Friday April 11.

In this exhibition, I’ve painted ‘Momotaro’ from memory, a Japanese folk tale about a boy who was born from a giant peach, and his journey of fighting monsters in a distant island, where he met some new animal friends who helped Momotaro in his quest. It’s one of most unique and creative children’s story I’ve read, and probably the most memorable one, as there are all sorts of products for it, I was really into it when I was a kid, remember saw the Momotaro movie, cartoon, played its own video game, and even till today I still check out its ever growing related products.

taro TimelapseHere’s a preview timelapse of my piece, please excuse the low quality compression of gif animation, i know it feels like www in the 90′s :P

“Works Cited” Group Exhibition
Opens 6 – 9pm, Friday, April 11, 2014 at myplasticheart; Runs through May 11, 2014

210 Forsyth St., NY, NY 10002
(646) 290-6866

Participating Artists:
Apak, Brian Butler, Evoker, Flying Fortress, Gary Ham, Michael Hsiung, Aya Kakeda, Sean Kernick, Abe Lincoln Jr., Phil Lumbang, MCA, Courtney Moy, Clams Rockefeller, Chris RWK, Paul Shih, Naoko Stoop, Tim Sullivan, Mr. Walters

Count Down To Your Fortune!

Monday, September 30th, 2013

so i’ve been busy packing cookies over the weekend, all 20 Fortune Tellers ready to go within 24hr!! set your alarm, fix your clock! heres the release time recap:

Monday, September 30, 1pm Pacific Time / 4pm Eastern Tim / 9pm London Time. (Oct 1st 4am HK Time / 5am Japan Time / 6am AUS Time, 9am NZ Time)

Fortune Teller Header Card

…check out the video above, that may give you some idea how the fortunes works! :)

Fortune Teller W.I.P. Part 2

Thursday, September 26th, 2013

heres the 2nd and final part of my Fortune Teller toy W.I.P, enjoy! :)

Fortune Teller Toy W.I.Pcontinue from where i left behind, fortune teller’s sculpt is down to his eyebrows, pencil marked where they should be as guide…

Fortune Teller Toy W.I.Pta-da~ completed the original sculpt of Fortune Teller(a.k.a Master Bing)

Fortune Teller Toy W.I.Ppreparing for the first side of mold making…

Fortune Teller Toy W.I.Pbuilding lego walls, always a fun part!

Fortune Teller Toy W.I.Ppouring silicons into it, looks like Fortune Teller is drowning in the gooey silicon pool, did he predict this fate?

Fortune Teller Toy W.I.Pmold A side done! preparing for B side…

Fortune Teller Toy W.I.PFortune Teller revived from the mold making! he knew it all along…

Fortune Teller Toy W.I.Pback in the lab, mixing chemicals, pulling hollow casts, this time i took the advantage of the way how i cast my figures, they are hollow, therefor i could slip a message inside every fortune cookie!

Fortune Teller Toy W.I.Pbirth of the Fortune Teller army!

Fortune Teller Toy W.I.Pmixing custom color, with a real fortune cookie as reference…

Fortune Teller Toy W.I.Pairbrushed first coat of “cookie color”…

Fortune Teller Toy W.I.Psecond layer, “burnt cookie color”! sometimes i prefer slightly over baked cookies :P

Fortune Teller Toy W.I.Phand painting his eyes, before going for the final protection coats…

Fortune Teller by Paul Shih…and the Fortune Teller was born! 20 of these fortune cookies will be up for grab on Monday, September 30, 1pm Pacific Time / 4pm Eastern Tim / 9pm London Time. (Oct 1st 4am HK Time / 5am Japan Time / 8am NZ Time)

Fortune Teller W.I.P. Part 1

Thursday, September 19th, 2013

some has guessed it right! my upcoming resin toy will be a fortune cookie(releasing end of september), the inspiration came indirectly from last HK trip, no i have not seen any fortune cookie in HK, nor is it originated from asia, i suppose the memory of HK, the stereotype image of chinese temple & fortune teller on the street gave me the idea to create this character! and this is how it’s created…

Fortune Teller Toy WIPmany fortune cookies goes into my tummy…for the sake of research! oh, and pages of sketches at the same time!

Fortune Teller Toy WIPbuilding the bone with foil paper…(i know it looks more like a croissant)

Fortune Teller Toy WIPcover the skeleton with dough(sculpey)!

Fortune Teller Toy WIPkeep building and shaping till it looks like a fortune cookie…

Fortune Teller Toy WIPside view of my cookie!

Fortune Teller Toy WIPsculpt his little legs & ass-hole* (no, seriously!)

Fortune Teller Toy WIP

Fortune Teller Toy WIPmake some paper templates for the face :)

Fortune Teller Toy WIPlift the surface for his mouth(lips?)

Fortune Teller Toy WIPtemplate for his mustache…

Fortune Teller Toy WIPadding eyes & mustache :{

Fortune Teller Toy WIPnose & teeth! face is almost there…. :{B

Fortune Teller Toy WIPthis is the fun part, slowly & carefully sculpt his two arms without template or guides!

Fortune Teller Toy WIPand this is what his little hands look like up close!

….to be continued! ;)