Big Egg Hunt 2015!

March 12th, 2015

Whittaker’s Big Egg Hunt in support of Starship is officially launched! 100 giant eggs created by leading and emerging New Zealand artists, designers and celebrities are hidden in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch for nearly a month, prizes to be win for those who found all eggs, and all eggs will be auction off for charity at the end, for more info about the event and the hunting game, please visit

Big Egg Hunt NZ - The Goose That laid the Giant Golden Egg by Paul Shih

This is the largest piece of artwork I’ve worked on so far, and I’m treating it like a giant blank toy, customize like how I’d normally do with resin or vinyl toys, a lot of fun making it, with a lot of support for making my piece possible! Thank you “Nuplex Industries” for your moulding & casting products, “Resene” for all the paints I used in this project, “By Accident Panel & Paint” did an amazing job of clear-coat for me, and “Bootleg” for technical supports!

Here’s the time-lapse making of video for my egg “The Goose That Laid the Giant Golden Egg”, part one of three.

….check back soon for my next video, have fun hunting! (I’m out to find my egg…)

Big Egg Teaser!

March 7th, 2015

Big Egg Hunt 2015 WIP01I’ve been working on this giant egg for awhile, and it’s finally going live very soon… #BigEggHunt

Big Egg Hunt 2015 WIP02big toy for big egg!

Big Egg Hunt 2015 WIP03full reveal on March 12…

Big Egg Hunt 2015 WIP04…check back soon for my complete W.I.P. ;)

Sushi Inu Available Now!

November 8th, 2014

Pups are out! They need a new home, would you adopt a Sushi Inu? jump right here to grab one! (online stock sold out, please try Dcon booth 203, thank you!)


…don’t forget there are another 5 Sushi Inu at DesignerCon booth #203 :-)

One more toy…

November 7th, 2014

I’ll drop 5 Sushi Inu here tomorrow(friday 3pm eastern time), the other 5 at DesignerCon(booth 203) this weekend! And there’s one more for those who have missed out on the original BEVIL.

Lemon & Lime Infused BEVIL, a DesignerCon exclusive, only 5 made, and you probably won’t see BEVIL again anytime soon(run out of blank BEVIL…maybe i’ll make some more when i have spare time?!)

Sushi Inu W.I.P – Part 2

November 4th, 2014

continuing from Sushi Inu W.I.P – part 1, now that we have the master sculpt done, its time to get messy with chemicals…
Sushi_Inu_WIP-20preparing the mold base with klean klay…
Sushi_Inu_WIP-21building legos wall…
Sushi_Inu_WIP-22pouring silicone, this is 2nd part of the 2-part mold…
Sushi_Inu_WIP-23completed silicone molds! ran into problem casting the ears, fail rate was too high, and i have to remake the molds for the ears…
Sushi_Inu_WIP-24casting Sushi Inu(s), it’s a war zone…
Sushi_Inu_WIP-25limited numbers of Sushi Inu blanks were made, hundreds of parts, countless hours of touch up and sanding… think back now, it seems like a bad decision to create this figure in separate parts?!
Sushi_Inu_WIP-26first layer of the gradient…
Sushi_Inu_WIP-27second layer of gradient, this is the main reason for separate parts, more control over the coloring…
Sushi_Inu_WIP-28giving the sushi a little bit of flavor…
Sushi_Inu_WIP-29face painted!
Sushi_Inu_WIP-30…and the back
Sushi_Inu_WIP-31seaweed wrapped, all parts painted, ready to put them all together!
Sushi_Inu_WIP-32super glued, they are not articulate-able, well…theres no point to have articulation for such short little legs anyway :P
Sushi_Inusealed with layers of protection coats and the Sushi Inu was born! most time consuming piece i’ve done to date, only 10 were made, 5 of them will be on my online shop from Friday 7 November, 3pm EST/12 noon PST/8pm London time.

the other 5 will be available at DesignerCon this weekend,  booth 203 (Good Awful), be sure to check out some of NZ’s lowbrow art showcasing at booth 203’s Tiny Travelling Gallery(such a rad mobile gallery/suitcase!), plus Good Awful’s debut resin creations, it’s gonna be a very “yummy” booth! :-)