in my mailbox…


weeee! just received DESIGN NET magazine today, a korean magazine i did some interview with few weeks ago, they are damn fast! #140 is a special issue on toy designs, featuring artists like Sket One, David Horvath, Shin Takana, Easy Hey….etc, and i’m lucky enough to be part of this!

must say i really enjoyed the zine, even though i can’t read korean, but the nice clean layout and tons of pictures made up to it, i read it over and over as if i know the words….hehe

faesthetic 11

faesthetic 11

Faesthetic is also new to me, its a pretty cool magazine without many texts, which is perfect for me, i hate readings haha… full on drawings and doodles!! i did some exclusive artworks for it, also unveils where Metal Spirit came from…. both magazine are out now! go grab them!

big thanks to Dustin & Jihye!

p.s. my new toy is coming very very soon! ;-)

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