Some New Phone Cases…

Since my first release of iPhone 5/5S/SE cases with COOP, I’ve got requests for Samsung phones and newer iPhone cases, so here they are, an updated line up of new phone cases for all your iPhone and Galaxy phones!

Each design comes in 2 options, slim & tough. The slim case is a hard, one piece plastic shell that snaps right onto your phone. While it’s ultra slim at 2mm thick, it still offers protection. And the tough case is made up of two pieces for extra protection (a 2mm plastic outer shell that fits into a 2-4mm rubber bumper) without sacrificing sleekness!

New phone cases are available from my Threadless Artist Shop! For limited time, use code SPRNG17761b42 for FREE shipping. (Order minimum $45 US/$80 INTL. Can combine with clothing orders. Ends Mar 25 11:59PM CDT.)

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