BEVIL Toy W.I.P Part 1

my new toy project has began! it was a difficult decision to pick a character to bring it to live this year, there was ice cream idea which came so close to production, and sushi kaiju’s pet, which i really want it myself, but i end up going for BEVIL, an evil broccoli, one that i have many extended ideas for, and toy will be the first part of the evil plan…hehe >:)

it starts with some hand lettering, i enjoy custom lettering for all my characters….

where the name came from, B in Devil = BEVIL :)

BEVIL slowly evolves in my very rough sketches…

foil structure of the sculpture, underneath is the finalized guide….still a rough one but its good enough for my understanding :P

foil now covered with my ‘unwanted clay’, this is a failed material i learned online, mixing super sculpey with black fimo, according to google result, this should be grey color, a superior material for sculpting and better visibility of details…. it turns out black and not so great, so i’ve been using them as inner layer :-/

…to be continued ❤

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