JB coming soon…

hello folks, are you waiting for JB like i am? i was aiming to get this toy out by today, but there are just too many things going on at the moment, i’m customizing 2 toys, 1 pair of sneaker, 1 painting for exhibitions all happen at same time!! last week was wasted on a badly designed greenhouse, lots of frustrations, but hey, its done and use-able!! i’m kinda proud that me and my family built this greenhouse by ourselves! now i’m painting JB in the green house, keeping me, JB & some plants nice and warm!

i’m not rushing it, i want to make sure every JB come out nicely, so i’m pushing the release date to late october! JB stands 5.5 inches tall, about same height as PANDARA, it’ll be $50 USD, only 20 to be made! if you would like to reserve one, email me to register your interest :-)

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