Valentines Series JB

JB 2017 Valentines SeriesJB is back for Valentine’s day, this is the first colorway(s) release since the original JB from 2010. Initial plan was to paint them all the same like most releases would do, but the process of painting JB is pretty time consuming, it makes me felt like a toy factory worker, so I decided to make this series a bit more exclusive(….and fun for me). Took this opportunity to explore some new color combinations, and the result are 5 one-off(s) with a not so one-off price tag.

These JB will be available on my online shop from February 14(Valentine’s day), 2pm PST / 5pm EST / 10pm GMT. ❤

#1 – Oxidized Love.

#2 – A tribute to Ziggy. There’s no direct influence from his music, but Bowie’s visual presence, the iconic lightning bolt definitely has something to do when I design HBJB.

#3 – Summer Love.

#4 – Dreamy Love. My personal favorite of the series!

#5 – Razor Love. Dark purple + fluorescent pink, the color is way off by the camera, it looks more neon-ish pink than orange in life, somehow the camera just couldn’t capture the zing!

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