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Summer Meltdown Sale!

Friday, July 30th, 2010

It’s pretty awkward to do a summer sale while i’m on the other side of world, its freezing cold down here(New Zealand)! :P

For one week only, my Donut Pirate Tee and all ASTRONUTZ tees are 50% off! I know it’s so damn hot, but please keep your cloth on…… get yourself some new tees :)


p.s. Please note that Donut tee sizing is different from ASTRONUTZ shirts!

The Toe Fluff Show

Friday, July 23rd, 2010

a good news from Steve Rack, his custom Toe Fluff project is going to invade Post Modern Gallery in UK! with a massive line up of custom toe fluffs! yup, 150 artists has been chosen to be part of the exhibition! ummm… i’ll skip the longggg list here, but I saw some familiar names and friends, 64 Colors, Bubi Au Yeung, Olla Boku, Peskimo, Podgypanda, Warm N fuzzy, just to name a few, oh yeah and myself!! gosh… it took me awhile to scan through the long list, for complete line up visit the Toe Fluff show website. :P

27th July~11 August (mon~fri 11:oo-16:oo, sat 11:00-15:00) @ Post Modern Gallery
Party night 30th July from 7pm!

it’s free entry, but hopefully these fluffs will raise some funds for Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity! Be there, and meet toe fluffs in person! yay~

If you’re not in UK, go to this flickr group to see everyone’s Toe Fluff! :-)

This and That….pt.5

Friday, July 16th, 2010

Hello Hello! hope you all enjoy the crazy weather! here’s a little update on my recent projects and other junkies…. :-P

1. My new favorite toy, well….actually it’s a sandwich maker(or useful P.O.S to some), it ain’t no ordinary sandwich maker!! this is THE sandwich maker!

ta~da~ it makes Spongebob Sandwich!! and since i’ve got this, i think i’ve ate more sandwiches than i’ve had in entire last year(or years)!  F-U-N!

2. New device skins, just wrapped two sets of design for a new company in UK, expect to launch in 1st August!

3. New PANDARA! mixing my pallets for new PANDARA colorway, it’s gonna be a very limited release….

4. Custom Symbiote toy, project For the Love of Vinyl, sketch is done, design turned out so tricky I don’t even know where to start :P

5. New Hollow Threat resin toy, production is officially underway……I’m really excited about this next figure, first original HT figure to incorporate more color than black and white! hehe…

AM Taxi – We Don’t Stand a Chance
Dredg – The Pariah, The Parrot, The Delusion

Shrek Forever After
….and Toy Story 3 this weekend! CAN’T WAIT!!

Poster Cause Project x Hollow Threat

Friday, July 9th, 2010

recently I was invited to do a poster design for The Poster Cause Project, an effort to sell and promote artwork while donating part of profits to charities and organizations in need! I’ve chosen WWF as my charity…No! not the wrestling show you are thinking hehe…it’s the one with cute panda logo, they protects nature and wild animals….etc :)

This piece was first designed for Faesthetic magazine earlier, and it was such a rush, i remember having 3 days to finish 4 pages of artwork, and 2 sleepless nights, now look back, there are many details could be refined, PANDARA wasn’t even looking right, so I took this opportunity to fix this artwork, some tweaking, re-shaping and fully re-rendered textures(click through to see some zoom-in images)! It’s now a 15 x 11 inches poster, print on high quality 100# stock, and limited to 25 prints ONLY!



Arrival of love for vinyl…

Friday, July 2nd, 2010

I’m going to participate in the upcoming custom toy event “For The Love of Vinyl“, curated by Denise, gathering artists & friends whose dedicated to toy art, together we each customize a Symbiote……

the arrival of love for vinyl!

blank symbiote packaging, kinda plain :P

symbiote toy & accessories, quality is impressive! matt finishing, feels like it’d be easy to paint on! ….oh and a letter from the curator!

stickers, badge buttons & guidelines…. well organized Denise!! :)