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PANDARA Anniversary Blue Edition – Pre-Order!

Saturday, August 28th, 2010

Anniversary Edition PANDARA! Hand cast & painted resin toy by Paul Shih, limited to 5 figures ONLY! $50USD + shipping($10).

Please fill the following form to secure your blue PANDARA! whether you are the first 5 or not, you’ll receive a notice within next 24hr,  THANK YOU & GOOD LUCK! ;)


Countdown to blue PANDARA release…

Friday, August 27th, 2010

hours till the release of PANDARA Anniversary Edition! whose taking it home? hehe…

Denise at TOMOPOP has post up my W.I.P photos, if you are curious about how these babies were born, check it out! Alright…see you all on 27 August, 1pm PT! (i’m setting my alarm clock… :P)

PANDARA Limited Blue Edition!

Friday, August 20th, 2010

PANDARA is turning one in September!! YAY! to celebrate his first birthday, i’ll release this “Anniversary edition PANDARA“, limited edition to 5 only! Pre-order this blue PANDARA on Friday 27th August, 1:00 pm pacific time, a pre-order form will be right here on the home page(it won’t be on online shop due to very limited number)! $50 USD + Shipping.

…..marked your calendar? ;-)


Happy Friday the 13th!

Friday, August 13th, 2010

Hello friday! a lucky one!! here’s a little update & none sense from me! ;)

1. PANDARA Baby blue edition near complete! I’m only making 5 of these, and they are close to finish, I should have the preorder info next week!

2. Hollow Threat Samples & joke from post office?!

Thank you Anthony from Poster Cause for this Hollow Threat sample, I know it’s a tough job to print such fluorescent green on paper, going back and forth with printer, trying to make the color as close as possible! (yes its still off hehe…)

and what you see here is NOT A JOKE!! the post man failed to deliver the poster sample, because MY LETTERBOX IS NOT BIG ENOUGH!! i wonder whose letterbox is big enough to fit in a poster!? thank you NZ POST for the hassle…….

3. Goodies from Tokyo!

to make you all jealous, this is what my girl get me from her tokyo trip!! and yes! i’m the luckiest panda on the planet! thank you Amy!

Peko green tea candy! shes so cute!

useful P.O.S….hehe

Left: Ramen flavored candy! just what you expected from japan?! :P
Right: a beautifully packaged Japanese tea!

probably the most useful gift for me? てるてる坊主(sunny doll?)  it’s been raining here all winter, and I really need some sunny days to make my toys(resin hates water!), and it seem to be working, at least for this week… :O

and finally a cute poped head teddy tee from Granigh!

Happy Black Friday everyone! :)

Diablo Skinz x Hollow Threat

Thursday, August 5th, 2010

New Hollow Threat device skins available now, produced by UK’s latest skin maker DiabloSkinz, they cover wide ranges of device products, from cell phones to game consoles, you can find my HBJB skins under Pop Art section! and if you don’t have any of these gadgets, don’t worry, you’ll see more of HBJB very very soon :-)

…and for limited time, use the code FB20 when you check out & receive 20% off discount! ;)