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JB video in Full HD!

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

Full HD version of JB video now online! great helps from Geoff Budd, Ognedal, Amy Lam & Mark@WO for making this video happen! I’ll post some shooting process photos up later(or even a making video), just caught up with building a badly designed green house past few days, *frustrated* now that tomato & strawberry has their home, i can focus on my toy projects, JB release date still unknown at this point, it’ll be ready in October for sure! stay tuned…. :-)

JB premieres on Toy Break!

Friday, September 24th, 2010

JB promo video premieres on Toy Break episode 137! yay! a short little video i’ve been messing around last week, a lot of fun making this video with Geoff, and bad ass track by Ognedal once again! I’ll have the high definition version up next week!

…on this episode, the usual contests, reviews & awesomeness, they also interviewed Tracy Tubera, the artist behind Rob Dyrdek’s new toy, cool stuff, that office is just SICK!! seriously, i need a foam pit like that in my house… (and yes, i’ve been watching Fantasy Factory hehe…)

thanks to Toy Break for doing this! …by the way, its 5.5 inches tall!! more details to come next week, enjoy your weekend! :-)

JB Resin Toy – W.I.P part 2

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010

continue part 2 of the JB toy making! if you missed part 1 WIP, please click here! (warning! image heavy!)

16. i’ve completed the face in part 1 WIP, now move onto the body! making thunder stencil…

17. she got thunder!!

18. warping around her waist with masking tape, mark down where the skirt is….

19. shes no longer naked! now shape up her legs….

20. do the math! break down space evenly for her stripes legging….(i’ve impressed myself with my calculation!)

21. all dressed up!

22. cut off part of skirt at back, prepare to fill in with other elements…(think back now, this is not really necessary?! i could have just work on top of it! :P)

23. added first arm….(looks kinda dodgy i know! itchy butt :P)

24. give her a big heart! <3

25. another arm! and master sculpt is done! :D

26. prepare JB for mold making…

27. pouring silicon… (bombs away method!)

28. now part one mold is done, flip over and prepare for 2nd part of mold, here i’m brushing vaseline into the mold…

29. more silicon and finish off two part mold! it came out perfectly! :D

30. mixing chemicals, making resin toys, all happened on this little table at my backyard….(my neighbor probably think i’m making bombs…)

31. pulled my first JB, shes hot! hehe….

thats it for the making of JB resin toy! hope you all enjoy reading my hard works in past months…. JB will be out sooner than you think! check back soon for the Paint up-Final-Polished JB! thank you :-)

JB Resin Toy – W.I.P part 1

Wednesday, September 15th, 2010

JB of HBJB, the bunny on right is my upcoming new toy, I’ve been working on this for awhile now, it’s by far the most challenging figure (technically), but so much fun making it, i can’t wait to finish this!! here’s the work in process part1… enjoy! :)

1. sketch out 1:1 size figure, and start building the base from aluminum foil…

2. a quick skin of Sculpey!

3. shaping the head…(can you see the difference?!)

4. adding the hairy bits of 2 side, head shape is pretty much complete!

5. neck/body area is a bit too fat and rough, clean it with my lino cutter…

6. stencil making…

7. mark the details with stencil…

8. adding the nose/mouth bit….

9. carve out the mouth with lino cutter, 3 straight line took me forever!! going back and forth, fixing it again and again…..also added 1 of the ear hehe…

10. another ear down….

11. adding her little nose….

12. making stencil for her death ribbon…another tricky part!

13. add the death ribbon on her head, the middle part…. surprised it only take me 1 go! also adding her eye(without s) in this stage….

14. finishing up rest of ribbon, the fold line was created with toothpick!

15. JB’s face is now complete! (wide angle lens make her look kinda funny :P)

that’s it for part one of W.I.P, there are way too many images i have to split up into 2 or 3 posts…. stay tuned! :-)

I can almost smell vinyls…

Friday, September 10th, 2010

exciting news from one of the toy giant – TOY2R, introducing upcoming series 7 of their much success Qee line, this series will be solely Black & White designs (just how i like it!), and I’m honored to be part of it, BIG UP to Toy2r, taking step forward & keeping vinyl scene fresh, this definitely is a surprising lineup, if you are a collector, have been following the scene, you probably know what i’m nagging about, hehe…

now I’m pumped! can’t wait to see everyone elses figure, would “PURE” bring back the joy of blindbox surprises?! :-)

besides the Qee toy design, i’ve been keeping myself busy with my next resin toy “JB”, i’ll have some W.I.P & news up soon! stay tuned…