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Nightmare Before Christmas

Friday, November 26th, 2010

this holiday, Lil’ Death turn himself into Santa! a Hollow Threat style Christmas for you!! this special edition of Lil’ Death will be available for order right here(not on online shop), limited to 5 santas world-wide, two package for the good and bads, $50 (+shipping) for the naughty boy/girls, thats santa figure only! or $55 (+shipping) for the good boy/girls, this includes the figure plus a surprise little gift from santa! have you been good this year?! :-P

Order form will be up on this time: (to make it easier for you, i’ve work out the local time for some regions hehe..)
LA – December 1st, 1pm Pacific Time.
UK – December 1st, 9pm.
Japan – December 2nd, 6am.
HK – December 2nd, 5am.
NZ – December 2nd, 10am.

This Next Week…

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010

A secret holiday release is planned for next week(first week of December)! Can you tell what it is?! hehe… check back later this week for full details of this figure! :-)

Hollow Threat Gundam-Bot in motion

Saturday, November 20th, 2010

Don’t forget!! Custom Sketchbot Show v2 is on tonight at Munky King LA, for those who can not be there(includes me!), check out my Hollow Threat Gundam-Bot in this video! :-)

Sketchbot Custom Show 2!

Friday, November 12th, 2010

Munky King LA will host the Sketchbot custom show 2 from Nov 19-Dec24, opening reception on friday 19th, 7-10pm! my Hollow Threat Gundam-Bot will be there, among 70 custom sketchbots! yup thats pretty big number, lots of familiar names from the toy family are involved(see below for complete line up)! :-)

Don’t miss this show if you are in LA, its your chance to grab some one off custom art toys! (or blank sketchbot designed by Steve Talkowski)


Hollow Threat Gundam-Bot W.I.P

Friday, November 5th, 2010

Hollow Threat Gundam-Bot, short for “Hollow Threat Gundam – Mobile Suit Sketchbot”, can the name get any longer?! :P

This is my custom Sketchbot for an upcoming show at Munky King LA! In this custom robot, i’m trying to bring in my personal flavors, some memory from childhood, and new influences today! grow up watching japanese robots cartoon like mazinger, voltron, golden warrior gold lightan…etc, and used to make lots of BB Gundams, so first thing came to me is to do a Gundam x Hollow Threat x Sketchbot mash up!

the long process has been documented, image heavy!(over 40 pics) so click here to see the entire W.I.P. :-)