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Masked Friends from Japan

Friday, March 25th, 2011

this week came a lovely parcel from Miho Utsugi, a japanese elementary school teacher/children’s book author/character designer/the creator of マスク小學校(Mask Elementry School)/all round nice friend! such a long title huh?!

I dig contemporary picture books with creative characters, Miho’s work caught my attention from the first day she added me on facebook, her doodles of masked characters, miniatures put into a diorama, she even made a life size chickenmask costume(its still a mystery who’s inside chickenmask costume hehe)! and i just cant resist to check out her daily updates, full of surprises! anyways, let’s see what she got….

wanimask handkerchief! some badges of mask elementary school characters! and chickenmask plush doll, awesome! chickenmask is my favorite of all! :D

sharkmask & chickenmask clear folder! this remind me of childhood in taiwan, cute cartoon characters all over my stationary goods…

children’s books based on mask elementary school, you can see her heart and souls put into this! they are one of those picture books that’s enjoyable for all ages! *highly recommended* however, it’s gonna take sometime for me to read & fully understand the story(in japanese), bout’ time to pick up my forgotten あ-い-う-え-お again :P

some promo items! introductions to every masked friends! i have a feeling this might be the next BIG thing in japan, who wouldn’t want to be friend with these cute masked creatures?

….signed and doodled by the very talented Miho! yay!! thank you for all the inspiring goodies, i love them so much!

jealous?! you can also have a piece of Miho, her books are available through japanese amazon, grab your チキンマスク(Chicken Mask) or マスク小學校 サメマスク(Mask Elementary School – Shark Mask) now!! and if you ever bump into chickenmask on the streets of japan, make sure you give him/her a big hug ;)


Friday, March 18th, 2011

two weeks ago, i got a phone call from anne of santos cafe, congratulating about seeing my figure in the “magazine”, i thought it was ACCLAIM magazine, which had a tiny photo of my PANDARA, but she sure sounded way more exciting than a little photo on a magazine should be,  my curiosity grows as the conversation goes, towards the end of chat, i just have to ask “what magazine are you talking about?” yes, i sounded like an idiot on the phone the whole time haha…. and i FINALLY obtained my copy this week!! :-)

SURPRISE!! i’m on the cover of pro\design magazine(issue 111), i remember doing an interview earlier this year, but never thought that they would have me as the cover! for those who haven’t heard about this magazine, pro design is new zealand’s very own design magazine, covers all sorts of commercial design from nz and internationally! BIG thanks to mike and p\d team for this coverage! honored to be on a quality local zine like this, however i’m hoping to feature on nz’s womans weekly someday…. :P

…in this issue i talk about toys & paper diorama, shared some of my work procedures, my little knowledge about the toy trend…and more toy talks!

p\d : 111 out now! available at all major bookstores(in nz), go check it out, and buy a copy or two?!

This and That…. Disaster Edition

Saturday, March 12th, 2011

i was planed to share some of my new toys on this post, but it seems there are more important issues going on in the world than my personal toy love! i’m sure you all aware of the recent deadly earth quakes around the world, while the NZ Christchurch still recovering, there comes another earth quake in China & most recent a monster 8.9 magnitude earth quake shakes northern Japan! it looks so surreal from the TV, who’d have thought all these could happen in such short time?! :/

Red cross has now earmark on Japanese earthquake & tsunami, you can donate & help in this link. CHCH not forgotten, donate to NZ earthquake appeal here!

p.s. “For the love of vinyl” opening is this saturday, 12th march, from 7pm+ at Dragatomi! preview showed some really stunning customs, be sure to stop by! :-)

For The Love Of Vinyl!

Saturday, March 5th, 2011

For the love of vinyl, a custom show at Dragatomi, curated by Denise Cortez!  gathers 25 artists from all over the world to customize a blank Symbiote, many familiar friends & artists are on-board, excited!! and my Veganpire Symbiote will be at the show! FTLOV runs from March 12th – April 2nd, don’t miss this! <3

For The Love Of Vinyl
Opening night: Saturday, March 12, 2011, from 7:00 pm to 11:00 pm
Dragatomi: 2317 J Street, Sacramento CA 95816