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Gift Guide for the Grown-Up!

Friday, May 27th, 2011

thank you everyone for the birthday wishes and gifts last weekend ❤ these gifts sure make me a very happy man, thought i should do a gift guide for the grown-ups!  if you have a mature friend like me *cough*, and don’t know what to get him?! you should read on…. (i’m just showing off)

WARNING: image heavy!! click through to see my pressies :-)


This and That… Hollow Threat Edition!

Friday, May 20th, 2011

its been awhile since my last proper update on Hollow Threat, so much planned for this year, right now i’m working my ass off Hollow Threat projects… expect more HT updates & WIP very soon! :-) here are few things i’m working on…

1. new toy! Hollow Threat going east! i’m making my first kaiju(怪獣) toy, weather is really slowing me down, tornado & endless rains, good thing that the weather guy said next week will be sunny, i’ll be painting soon…

2. new print to support the toy above, heres a little preview of the print…

3. Hollow Threat identity clip a.k.a the short video intro at beginning of all HT videos, its one of those few seconds video that take days of work…… right?! or maybe i’m just slow :-\

4. SECRET! :-P


Friday, May 13th, 2011

finally the new tee is here! this is one of many things i’ve been working on in the past few weeks, introducing a new name & identity for my maori warrior character, years of sketches & revisit, unintentionally, it has slowly build up a little collection, and now it’s called MW,  this will be a side project where i continue to explore NZ culture & document in my style!

MW t-shirt is now on my online store, available in black/charcoal, this very limited edition tee is designed & printed in New Zealand!! my thanks to King Kapisi(NZ hip hop icon), patiently modelling for MW tee, and put on his game-face for the photo shoot! >:d

i’ve also made a mini-site for the project(end up not as mini as i planned), check it out :)

Mini Tea Tour – SIXXA

Wednesday, May 4th, 2011

Just a reminder that the Mini Tea Tour is now off to the 2nd stop – Sixxa Store in Vienna from the 5th May! for more info, please visit Mini Tea Tour website! :-)

This and That…. Post-Easter Edition

Sunday, May 1st, 2011

heres my belated easter update! hope you all enjoyed the easter holiday, i sure do! escaped from city for star gazing! saw the most amazing shooting star across the sky! and chased some wild bunny in the dark unintentionally(they ran in front of my car), i didn’t response fast enough to capture those chubby easter bunnies on camera, but i took this in supermarket…they look alike!(maybe without the collar and logos) :P

also did some baking during the break, somehow me and my girl were in the baking mood, she made the best shortbread i’ve ever had(seriously)!! and the best part(besides eating) is to decorate the cookies!  limited edition PANDARA cookie anyone?! ;)

right now i’m working hard to get my new maori warrior t-shirt ready, did some photoshoot with king kapisi just before the holiday, taking photo sure isn’t easy as i thought, learned a lot from mr kaps! and i discover this dope custom toy in his house!! :D

hand printing each every swing tags for the new tee, some more touch ups and its ready to go….*MW Tee Coming Soon!*