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The Easel Project

Friday, July 22nd, 2011

the easel project started by sam & tiga, gathering nz artists to raise funds for christchurch(recently struck by a powerful 6.3 earthquake)!! each week, two artworks will go up on the easel project website or trademe for auction, 100% proceeds going to the christchurch relief effort!

my MW tee will be up for auction on friday 29th july 2011, i’ll be signing this tee(on the swing tag) along with extra postcard for the winner! be generous & help CHCH :-)

DTA 2011 Nominate

Saturday, July 16th, 2011

i was nominated in 2011 Designer Toy Awards(DTA), best self produced category! organized by clutter magazine, this first annual DTA will held in munky king SDCC party, details click here.

thank you whoever nominated me! around 2 years into toy making, it was my honor to be on the same list of artists that i admire, however i didn’t make it to final five this year :-/ …..for that “toy king” trophy designed by pete fowler, i’ll have to work extra hard next year!!! that got to be the rarest toy for any collector?! haha ;-)

GANBARE NIPPON Tee available on Tilteed!

Saturday, July 9th, 2011

few weeks ago i’ve posted GANBARE NIPPON collaborate project, a charity t-shirt design with 12 artists from all over the world, this tee finally found a kind printer that’s willing to reach out, big ups to tilteed! yup, you have ONLY 3 DAYS to pick up this very special tee, for $12USD only!! i think all of you need at least one or two of this, all proceeds goes to Red Cross Japan to assist tsunami/quake recovery! BUY HERE! :-)


Sushi Kaiju has Sold Out!

Friday, July 8th, 2011

Thank you to everyone who supported SUSHI KAIJU & take home a slice of sushi, it has SOLD OUT in 2 minutes! (i’m sure that just broke PANDARA‘s record!)

Shout out to Warm N Fuzzy for all the button badges, Geoff Budd & Lifemusic for the crazy video(was going to post the behind the scene today, but a nasty food poison slows me down dramatically! yes video games are real, now i move and blink slowly like i’m in diablo game, wheres my antidote potion?!), Vinyl Pulse, Toysrevil, Spankystokes, Plastic & Plush, Clutter, Jeremyriad, Tomopop, Hello Vinyl, TokyoBunnie, Supahcute, Atom Plastic, Curious Zoology….and more?! (sorry if i didn’t discover or forgotten, please excuse the food poisoned guy) thanks for the coverages ♥

have a good weekend! i’ll be busy packing sushis this weekend, in the sealed bags(pic above) to keep them fresh and yummy! :-)

Sushi Kaiju Release Info and Stuff!

Friday, July 1st, 2011

Sushi Kaiju are ready to serve!! mark your calendar, set your alarm! because there are only 15 sushis made this time(so much for one man{chef} can do), until i hire a monkey, it’ll always be small runs :P

7-7-7! thats July 7th, 7pm pacific time! (NZ time: july 8th, 2pm! / Tokyo time: july 8th, 11am! / HongKong time: july 8th, 10am! / London time: july 8th, 3am!)

each sushi runs for USD $60 plus shipping, and i’m giving out free sushi kaiju button badges for the early birds(while stock lasts)! :-)

now enjoy the little video we made for you, staring sushi kaiju!! contains nudity, horror and violence!  i think MPAA rated this PG-13, that means if your children is around, cover their eyes, and if you are eating, you shouldn’t!! filmed by mr. budd with his fancy gears, and music by lifemusic, a crazy japanese punk rock band! (expect a behind the scene very soon)