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Sunday, September 25th, 2011

last night at the ‘new’ eden park (nz vs france game)…

temporary structure below where i seat!

great atmosphere, felt so different than watching on tv…. where’s my commentary?

angry security telling the crowd to stop the mexican wave, why?!

after game, outside the stadium, i smell alcohol and tobacco…

MW Goes All Black!

Friday, September 16th, 2011

MW resin figure goes ALL BLACK! this figure was originally released in white, and has seen on cover of ProDesign! now MW is available in black metallic, a special coating i spent quite some time mixing & experimenting, tried 4 different paint suppliers, finally got the BLACK i’m happy with! for many this might be a subtle detail, but i have this unique black stuck in my head since the beginning of the project, and i must get this right! >:)

photos don’t do justice to this BLACK, if you are in auckland, you can check out this in Santos(114-116 Ponsonby Rd, Auckland), you’d know what i’m fuss about hehe… basically it changes the look in different lighting condition, it can be jet black in normal to dim light condition, it can spark under bright light or spot light!

these are 8 inches tall hand made resin toys, biggest toy i’ve made so far! limited to 20 figures world-wide! they are available now from my online store, or at santos(for limited time)!

p.s. Lottery entry order to Dalea Sushi Kaiju has closed, thank you everyone who entered, selected entrants will be contacted by ned of next week!


RWC Ready!

Friday, September 9th, 2011

RWC is here, never been a big fan of rugby and i don’t know what i’m exciting about, the crowd? game? or the bad traffic?! but i got myself a ticket and going to the opening party tonight!! Go ABs! >:)

here’s my unofficial 2011-RWC-bystander gear guide:
A. MW Tee! (available from conch, four letters & santos)
B. NZ Silver Fern Flag (from dollar store, i should make myself a plain BLACK FLAG! )
C. MW Resin Toy All Black Edition (availble now at santos, or next week online)
D. RWC Tickets!

off to opening now… enjoy your weekend! :)

p.s. Sushi Kaiju Lottery Entry closing on 16th Sep!

Sushi Kaiju Releases!

Friday, September 2nd, 2011

Sushi Kaiju Prints are available from my online store now! an ukiyo-e style inspired piece that illustrates my initial idea of sushi kaiju, prints are limited to edition of 30, signed and numbered, more info in store! (click through very bottom to see some close up details of the print)

Sushi Kaiju Dalea Edition! limited to 10 sushis world-wide! due to large demand, i’m testing a new way to release this figure, trying to be fair to buyers from all regions, i’ll run a lottery order this time, if you’d like to buy a sushi kaiju, simply fill out the lottery form below, and i’ll randomly pick 10 buyers from the entries, and contact the lucky 10 by end of september to arrange payment & shipping! :-)

this very limited pink/purple color sushi will run for $65 USD + shipping, and i’ve also put out a combo of print+toy(saves $5) for collectors who likes a complete set!

* Lottery Entry Expired *

* All lottery entries will be informed by email, if you haven’t receive an email from me after 48hr, please contact me manually, thank you! ❤