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Friday, January 27th, 2012

here is an overdue announcement(released december 2k11) of OVERDUE and OVERSTAYER, projects by NZ hip hop artist King Kapisi! OVERDUE is a quarterly hip hop, culture magazine slash overstayer look book available in print format as well as digital, you can read it online here!

….and the above is my contribution to OVERSTAYER’s latest collection, the idea came from an afternoon of chitchat with Kaps, about toys, art and his projects, most of you may not know that he is a HUGE toy collector! so its pretty easy for me to design a tee for him, we went for a toy concept with Samoa flavor, turning him into a toy-like figure, and referencing my Maori Warrior toy, the result = Lil’ Kaps.

you can BUY THIS TEE from plantation store now! :-)

Clutter Issue 16

Friday, January 20th, 2012

latest Clutter magazine is out now(issue 16), toy collectors should be no stranger to this magazine, it’s the only dedicated art toy zine out there! and its my honor to featured in this awesome DTA issue, i’ll have more info & pics up when i received my copy :-)

Contents include:
:: Pete Fowler
:: The DTA’s 2011
:: Sucklord
:: 3D Printing
:: Blamo Toys
:: 64 colors
:: FriendsWithYou
:: Paul Shih
:: Josh Herbolsheimer
:: The Fort

Details: 72 pages, full color. 8.125 x 10.875 inches.
Cover Price: $9.99
Get your copy today!

New Year, New Card!

Friday, January 13th, 2012

hello 2012 & happy new year! i’m glad you made it, and hoping this won’t be the last like mayan predicted!  i personally don’t believe in that, plus i have so much planned ahead, my calender for 2013 do exist! let’s get this going….

first thing for me this year is a new business card, old card just ran out late last year, good time for a brand new start! so whats new? first time i’m including the word ART TOY & logo of HOLLOW THREAT on my card, obviously this is the new direction i’m focusing on! :-)

new year’s resolution -more toys & more ♥ to the world!