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Save & Destroy

Wednesday, February 29th, 2012

Hola! spanish friends! my Sushi Kaiju is flying over to Spain this march for the SAVE & DESTROY exhibition, featuring vinyl toys, illustrations and everything kaiju/tokusatsu! be the first to meet Sushi Kaiju and his new buddy(unseen new character) at the show, dont miss it! SAVE & DESTROY art show starting march 5th, 6pm. (runs for a month)

Artist Lineup:
Creaturekebab, Hanzo, Javier Jiménez, Jorge Jiménez, Kepalakardus, Mapachillo, Matt Frank, Mias “The Rock” Johnson, Pakoto, Paul Shih, Randyotter, Ridd Sorensen, Shin Tanaka, SILO, Sprits, Tanoshiboy, Terelo, Wuzone

Estación Diseño
c/ Benjamin Franklin, 1
C.P. 18100 – Armilla (Granada, Spain)

Rabid, Wild & Docile Exhibition

Saturday, February 18th, 2012

myplasticheart presents Rabid, Wild & Docile: A collection of bear inspired artwork. curated by Jessica George, look what she put together this time, such a diverse lineup plus some nice surprises, and i’m stoked to be part of this! its a strictly all bear show, my PANDARA granted a pass to the show, and he is bringing a bear buddy along! you can expect a new PANDARA colorway at the show, a special colorway for 3rd anniversary edition releasing later this year, be the first to see it(and take him home)! i also did a canvas painting for the show, introducing two new characters in this piece, they might soon be in the HOLLOW THREAT toy collection! ;-)

new yorker and passerby! make sure you go and show some love for the bears! im sure its gonna be a fun one, besides, isn’t it the perfect time to be in new york? with all that LINsanity going on…

Artist Lineup:
Molly Bosley, Luke Chueh, EVOKER, Flying Fortress, Michael C. Hsiung, Oliver Jeffers, J*RYU, Andrea Kang, Phillip Lumbang, MCA, Fish McGill, Podgy Panda, Kristiana Parn, Paul Shih, Naoko Stoop, Tim Sullivan, Ben Walker, Angry Woebots

Opening Reception:
February 24, 2012
6:00PM – 9:00PM
Exhibition runs until 03.25.2012

210 Forsyth St.
Lower East Side
New York

Paint, Paint, Paint!

Wednesday, February 15th, 2012

i’ve gone from click click drag drag to paint paint paint, enough vector drawings for the past 1~2 months, its great to switch things around! thankfully for the opportunity to participate in a few upcoming exhibitions(new york, washington & spain), i get to messing with brushes again, start fresh, experiment, re-learn and most important, just enjoy the painting process….

i probably sounded like a noob here, honestly, i’ve just discovered theres such thing as STAY-WET PALETTE! they are overpriced in nz as usual, so i’ve made my own! above is my $3.5(NZD) DIY stay-wet palette, A4 file case from DAISO + 2 paper towel(wet) + baking paper!

it works perfectly! paints didn’t dry for over 3 days! :-)

no sneak peeks as contract doesn’t allowed, however, new series of painting involves new HOLLOW THREAT characters, ideas that inspired by the recent visit of my 1 year old little nephew…

this is a brush stroke study during a break…

i’ll have the exhibition details up in the next few days, stay tuned! :-)


hands on clutter magazine

Friday, February 3rd, 2012

yay! finally got my hands on clutter 16!! to be honest, this is my first clutter magazine, sadly NZ magazine shops don’t carry them(and many other great art zines), they could have one less women’s weekly on shelf?

issue 16 covers all aspect of today’s designer toy, vinyl, 3d printing, japanese soft vinyl and i shared some resin toy process/tips in my interview! my thanks to the very talented nick for the interview and making my pages all pretty & colorful…hehe, clutter sure is one of the better designed zine! (so is their website)

if you want to get into toy making, or simply love toys, this is a must have isuue! clutter available world-wide, find your nearest stockist here!

…click through to see more pics of my fav reads :-)