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Shows Recap…

Saturday, March 24th, 2012

here’s a little recap of recent shows, above the new painting “Guilt” for myplasticheart, features two new characters from Hollow Threat family, Bevil(green devil), and Saint Wiener(pink angel), you’ll see more of them this year…(!)

and this is another new piece with brand new character design, meet Chibi, a friendly sushi puppy, also Sushi Kaiju’s best pal! :-P

Save&Destroy exhibition is still running, for those who can’t be there(like me), this is a nice coverage of the show, enjoy!

*UPDATE* until friday, you can buy my last pink Sushi Kaiju from SAVE&DESTROY art show, details please visit this link. Thank you! :-)

Sushi Kaiju in Spain

Friday, March 16th, 2012

Sushi Kaiju get to do some traveling before doing his work(posing) at the SAVE&DESTROY, he enjoyed the sightseeing in the winter Spain(*sushi are best served cold), thank you Javier for taking him around, and Mapachillo for the awesome photos! :-)

…more painting & photos to come!