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Paul the Broccoli Slave!

Friday, June 15th, 2012

after months of being a broccoli slave, i can finally say BEVIL is ready…..almost!! still a few things to take care of before i can put them in store, i’ll post a proper photo and detailed release date/time in the next couple of days…. :-)

BEVIL(s) coming soon… ❤

BEVIL Toy W.I.P Part 5

Friday, June 8th, 2012

continues from Part 4, i start building his oversize afro hair without any measurements or guides, this should make his hair look more natural and not repeat the ‘mistake’ like his tail thingy…

watch his hair grow….

BEVIL go into oven one last time to perm his hair… :-)

after countless times of retouching and sanding, BEVIL finally happy with his hair!

BEVIL prepares to be cloned…

silicon mold making in progress, clone process full speed ahead!! stay tuned…. release of BEVIL is sooner than you think!

… be continued! ❤

BEVIL Toy W.I.P Part 4

Friday, June 1st, 2012

continues from part 3, sketch bevil’s tail direct on the sculpture… wow, how inaccurate is my guide on the book? i guess i have better picture in my head where i actually take reference from….

thats bevil’s tail with a little ‘extra bits’ at the end, it didnt turn out like how i pictured in mind, its too regulated, turned out like a ‘flower’ seeing from the front, i end up keeping this flower, as it looks cute to have a flower growing on his tail, plus it looks ‘correct’ from other angles… *happy accident*

one arm & base legs….

folded arm & little feets done! down to the oversize afro hair… :)

…to be continued ❤