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Prints for STGCC!

Friday, August 31st, 2012

besides toys, i’ll also bring some prints over to STGCC! including this previously sold-out Hollow Threat poster, silkscreen re-printed for singapore!!

…plus two limited edition art prints featuring sushi kaiju! these are only available at toysrevil‘s booth F51 :)

Making of Toysrevil Edition BEVIL!

Wednesday, August 29th, 2012

when i first design BEVIL, there are some colors i had in mind thats “MUST DO(s)”, and devil-ish red is an obvious one, but i never thought it’d be this soon, the opportunity to work with toysrevil on this color is a perfect match!

trying to replicate toysrevil’s signature eyes, this is trickier than i thought, normally i have all the detail painting areas sculpted so they are easy to follow, but the extra ‘eye brows’ makes painting difficult, so i decided to mask it out instead, and trying masking fluid that i use for canvas paintings……… (masking fluid didn’t work so well on plastic, some touch ups were done at the end.)

dye his hair with custom mixed pink!

flip for red body and horns…(yes, BEVIL can break dance)

and finishing with 2 coats of high gloss, make this little devil looks like sugar coated + bubble gum afro hehe…

for some reason, its hard to capture detail of this red BEVIL on camera, it sure look tastier in person! come check out his sexy red bum at STGCC(booth F51) this weekend ;)

How to make a delicious sushi?

Monday, August 27th, 2012

I’m bringing some of my sushi kaijus over to STGCC this year, and here i’ll go through how i make(paint) this toysrevil edition sushi! :D~

so what makes a good sushi?! the key to a delicious sushi = fresh ingredients!! masterchef andy from toysrevil hand picked some of his favorite ingredients for this, we go through some discussion and did some minor changes before the toysrevil edition sushi kaijus were made!

lots of masking involved….

center filled with ikura(fish eggs)…

mask again for the tako arms & salmon legs…

how it look so far with masking tape removed…

pink lips and red tongue!

complete the mouth part with a tiny brush for the black inside…..tricky part!

we replace the wasabi with mayo, for the extra sweetness! :D

like the original sushi kaiju, 3 black beans on each sushi!

finally we wrap it with nori(seaweed) and paint his geta shoes…

…and the Sushi Kaiju (Toysrevil Edition) are ready to serve! (at STGCC booth F51)

Butt-O-Rama at STGCC

Friday, August 24th, 2012

one week until STGCC! you can expect reveals of all my releases for STGCC in the next few days! first the BUTT-O-RAMA buttons collection pack, featuring 5 of my favorite Hollow Threat characters, they will be available exclusively at toysrevil’s booth(F51).

p.s. special thanks to denise for making these little butts happen! quality has been superb! (if you have my previous buttons come with sushi kaiju, you’ll notice the improvement)

STGCC Sneak Peeks

Friday, August 17th, 2012

first look of whats coming from me at STGCC, they have one thing in common….BUTT!! toysrevil will release exclusive Sushi Kaiju & BEVIL at STGCC booth F51, and i’ll be there for a signing session on September 2nd, 2-3pm!

more details and full reveals to come…. stay tuned! ❤