Chromacon W-I-P!

Amy Lam and I have made a last minute decision to join this year’s Chromacon(12 May @ Aotea Centre), that doesn’t mean we won’t put our best effort into this event, in fact, we’ve worked all day & night recently, until hours before we hop on the plane to Hong Kong! check out some of my work in progress below and see what you can expect from our booth at Chromacon!

Amy will have “Panki” picture book + her latest illustrated childrens book(with Joy Cowley) at the con! we’ll even bring some extra interactive fun to our booth! stay tuned for full details & see you at the con! :)

p.s. this is a pre-blogged post, as i’m in Hong Kong right now, so any email/orders will be processed when i get back(just before chromacon)!

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