G40 Art Summit

G40 Art Summit returns in 2012 for its 3rd edition in Richmond, VA, USA. a huge group mural/exhibition featuring 500+ artists of different genre within the low brow style, 20 walls + 8 galleries all happening this april in Richmond! there are simply way too much info to cover, so please head over to the official G40 site and find out what/who/when/where :-)

i’m honored to be invited for this year’s G40, good timing for my little toy break hehe, i get to experiment painting even more, had so much fun with this piece, i actually painted two simultaneously, they are almost identical, with slightly different color selections and techniques, the better one goes to the show, and i get to hang the other on my wall! above is the sneak preview, be sure you check this out in G40! ❤

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