Ganbare Nippon!

we need your help to help japan!! this is the final design of GANBARE NIPPON がんばれ日本 charity t-shirt(previously blogged about my letter G), collaborate with 12 artists/friends around the world! in order to make this a reality and raise funds for japan, we need your vote! it’s up for vote on laFraise now(6 days only), all funds goes to red cross japan! :-)

Contributing Artists:
Paul Shih, Zitone, Chobopop, Bubblefriends, Peap Tarr, Stick-A-Thing, petitBREADfarm, Lunar, Mr. Wany, Brainstrikers ARTDENKA, Olla Boku, Lemon One.

p.s. i’m slowly getting back on track from my easter holiday, expect a belated easter update soon with my new tee infos <3

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