Paint, Paint, Paint!

i’ve gone from click click drag drag to paint paint paint, enough vector drawings for the past 1~2 months, its great to switch things around! thankfully for the opportunity to participate in a few upcoming exhibitions(new york, washington & spain), i get to messing with brushes again, start fresh, experiment, re-learn and most important, just enjoy the painting process….

i probably sounded like a noob here, honestly, i’ve just discovered theres such thing as STAY-WET PALETTE! they are overpriced in nz as usual, so i’ve made my own! above is my $3.5(NZD) DIY stay-wet palette, A4 file case from DAISO + 2 paper towel(wet) + baking paper!

it works perfectly! paints didn’t dry for over 3 days! :-)

no sneak peeks as contract doesn’t allowed, however, new series of painting involves new HOLLOW THREAT characters, ideas that inspired by the recent visit of my 1 year old little nephew…

this is a brush stroke study during a break…

i’ll have the exhibition details up in the next few days, stay tuned! :-)

….and for those who cares, HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!

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