ROM Spaceknight benefit art show(SPACENITE 2) for Bill Mantlo will hold at Floating World Comics on December 2nd 2010, 6-10pm, and the show runs till January 2nd 2011! There will be original artworks and digital prints available at the show, all proceeds goes to Mr. Mantlo, writer of Space Knight, also the victim of a hit and run tragedy in 1992.

to be honest, i’ve never came across this comic book, guess its out before i can even read hehe… i learnt about bill and his comic when i was invited to the project by Anthony from Float World Comic, amazed by his story and how a comic, an artwork could touch another deeply, as a robot fan in general, how can i say no?! my spaceknight tribute art(a cover of cover art) was done beginning of the year, yup! i almost forgot about this piece, finally it’s ready to go! if you are in Portland, please support the show, 100+ tribute art from around the world! FOR BILL MANTLO!

p.s. dont forget my Lil’ Death Santa release within 24HR!! *cough cough* :-)

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