this and that…. pt.4

just finished off two comic related project, first a short Hollow Threat comic for upcoming compilation “COMIX”, due out in april! (little teaser below)
Comix Teaser

2nd, a tribute artwork for Bill Mantlo, an comic book writer at Marvels Comics, most known for his ROM Spaceknight comic, I did a “cover cover-art” for this charity book/event, coming in 2nd quarter, I’ll have more details for these 2 project later…

right now I’m writing for Digital Arts magazine, yup that’s right, asked to write a tutorial with my perfect ENGRISH! don’t think I’ve wrote so such texts in years?! this is actually quite fun, I’ll demonstrate how I create the Hollow Threat poster……. thats it, back to writing! :-P

AVATAR (hype and high expectations makes it a good movie only, should have been great :P)

Avenged Sevenfold (RIP The Rev)

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