Making of Sunshine BEVIL

heres a little walk through of my process of making Sunshine BEVIL

wonder why the odd edition number(8)? thats all the blank BEVIL left from my first batch! (it’ll be awhile until you see more BEVIL again!)

this time BEVIL colored his hair in orange!

flipped for 2nd tone, yellow for the body!

then hand painted eyes with custom mixed orange…and finish with gloss varnish(not showing in pic hehe)

preparing the header cards…

and pack these little sunshines for NYCC! :) the name didn’t came easily, they were once called MANGO(i need to stop think about foods), and my partner say they looks like SUN FLOWERS! and finally Vin from myplasticheart came up with the name SUNSHINE, which i think is a very cute name for BEVIL! ^___^

so there you have it, SUNSHINE BEVIL will be exclusively at myplasticheart‘s NYCC booth #3313.

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