Save & Destroy

Hola! spanish friends! my Sushi Kaiju is flying over to Spain this march for the SAVE & DESTROY exhibition, featuring vinyl toys, illustrations and everything kaiju/tokusatsu! be the first to meet Sushi Kaiju and his new buddy(unseen new character) at the show, dont miss it! SAVE & DESTROY art show starting march 5th, 6pm. (runs for a month)

Artist Lineup:
Creaturekebab, Hanzo, Javier Jiménez, Jorge Jiménez, Kepalakardus, Mapachillo, Matt Frank, Mias “The Rock” Johnson, Pakoto, Paul Shih, Randyotter, Ridd Sorensen, Shin Tanaka, SILO, Sprits, Tanoshiboy, Terelo, Wuzone

Estación Diseño
c/ Benjamin Franklin, 1
C.P. 18100 – Armilla (Granada, Spain)

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