a little recap of STGCC happened earlier this month, it was a 2 days event held in the beautiful landmark of Singapore, the ‘Marina Bay Sands’!! this monster building is huge….seriously! we probably get in from the wrong entrance, took us about 30mins walking to the other end of the building(take my word, read signs carefully before you begin your adventure in MBS, you could easily get lost and trapped here whole day!)

….here at Toysrevil’s booth, always crowded and busy!

a closer look at the booth, with loads of toys and prints + artists appearance info on another wall!

…and me signing and doodling during my session! Toysrevil Edition of BEVIL & Sushi Kaiju has been sold out, thanks to Andy for having me in STGCC and everyone came out to support! you’ve made my first comic con experience a memorable one! THANK YOU! ❤

p.s. some regrets after the con, some booth that i wanted to re-visit was forgotten, missed out on some artists and toys till i see others post on facebook, guess im just a comic con noob! :P

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