weeeeeeee! this may be the best page you’ll find here, everything is FREE, go ahead and download them all, make your paper toys, share it with your friends, ENJOY! :-)

more goodies on the way…

HBJB Wallpapers

HBJB computer wallpapers in five different color backgrounds, change to suit your moods, right now i’m feeling pink! :P

Download HBJB wallpapers in 720P resolution.
Download HBJB wallpapers in 1080P resolution.

PANDARA One Year Anniversary Wallpapers

PANDARA One Year Anniversary Wallpapers for Mac, PC & iPhones, various screen resolution in one big happy pack! :-)

Download wallpaper pack!

Hollow Threat Paper Totem

Paper Totem - Hollow Threat Edition

Paper Totem – Hollow Threat Edition! (Dolly Oblong x Paul Shih)

Build it, stack it & mix it! enjoy Dolly’s latest paper creation, there are dozens of different paper totems on her website! head over and discover more paper goodness! :-)

Download Hollow Threat Paper Totem.

Hollow Threat Computer Desktop Wallpaper

Hollow Threat Wallpapers

– Download Wallpaper: 800 x 600, 1024 x 768, 1280 x 960, 1600 x 1200.

Rainbow Monster Animation

First animation created by Paul Shih, A two mintues long animation based on ‘kaiju’ inspired character – Rainbow Monster.

A silly little clip about “YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT…” has won ‘Cartoon of the Month’ from Channel Frederator!

Featuring music from Belgium’s talented electroacoustic musicians DimDim and Yoummie! check out their music here!

– Watch low quality version online! Myspace | Youtube | Metacafe.

Download high quality version. (QuickTime format, 39.54 MB)


Bigfoot or Sasquatch is alleged to be an ape-like creature inhabiting remote forests… Alleged witnesses have described large eyes, big head, fluffy, and of course, big foot!

Where can I find a BIG-FOOT?
Right here! Click to download a BIG-FOOT, or you can go to some wilderness mountain to find one (good luck).

What do I have to do?
1. Download
2. Print (recommend on A4 250gsm)
3. Cut / Fold / Glue
4. Take some photos
5. E-mail me the photo :-)

Does BIG-FOOT really exist? See for yourself! Click Here!

T-Wrecks Paper Toys (TNES x Paul Shih)

The creator of Kid Robot’s ‘Drunk Frog in Bear Suit’, also the mastermind behind ‘HIPPOE clothing‘ – tNes teamed up with Paul to bring you the T-Wrecks paper toy!

Download T-Wreck Original
Download T-Wreck Rainbow Monster Remix
Download both in a single zip file (2.62MB)

What do I have to do?
1. Download!
2. Print it! (recommend on A4 200~250 gsm)
3. Cut / Fold / Glue
4. Have Fun!