Gift Guide for the Grown-Up!

thank you everyone for the birthday wishes and gifts last weekend ❤ these gifts sure make me a very happy man, thought i should do a gift guide for the grown-ups!  if you have a mature friend like me *cough*, and don’t know what to get him?! you should read on…. (i’m just showing off)

WARNING: image heavy!! click through to see my pressies :-)

denise a.k.a. warm n fuzzy sent me a surprise package with instructions, and i’ve follow the order carefully to open every gift! first the ugly doll ice-bat by david horvath!! fun little blindbox, i love the silly packaging design… “ACTION FIGURE” for tough guy, yeah!!

yes!! more blythe x little pet shop for me! now my bunny blythe has a room mate! this one looks like vintage pin up girls(with more clothes on), men loves hot chicks like this….

an awesome picture book by camille rose garcia, one of my favorite artist!  its hard to find her books in NZ, i’m lucky to have a copy right here, denise sure knows my taste! ;-)

loads of cute stickers by warm n fuzzy!! two on my visual diary now, more sticky job to do…

and now some thoughtful gifts from my sweet girl amy! a bunny family toy, good practice for grown ups to run an imaginary family, i’ve been practicing with these everyday….

first accessory for the family, a luxury toilet!! this is essential right?!

more books! guys love reading (sometimes)…two kawaii picture books with “deep personal messages”, yes! they are picked specifically for me from japan, its about our relationship & interests…

and thats how we celebrate birthday, omnomnomnom….

P for PANDARA by Lemon One! (portrait of me in lemon vision)

a sweet painting of Chickenmask & PANDARA by Miho Utsugi! they are good buddies! :)

yummy PANDARA donuts drawing by OLLA-BOKU! :D~

…thank you for reading, if you still can’t decide what to get, just buy whatever from my online shop >:)

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