New Favorite Red(s)

it’s been awhile since i last share(show off) some of my new treasures, i was gathering photos from my recent collection & stuff i scored from singapore trip, somehow 80% of them are in RED! so heres the RED edition of my favorite goods….enjoy! ;)
first up, two RED m&m’s containers, the figure is designed to store little m&m’s in his mouth, but i’ll use it as my toy storage, fill with my smaller capsule toys…really well crafted piece IMHO!

above are custom sandblasted mugs by Lemon One, a very clever graffiti artist/designer based in germany, his graffiti and lettering has always been fresh & cute!

A & P doodle from Lemon One! thank you!

QiQi by ziqi! i get to meet this very humble & talented artist during STGCC last year! like every other oversea trip, i’ll always hunt for local toys, and for singapore, its merlion and qiqi!

last but not least, i like toys fanzine by andy(toysrevil), yes i’m not colorblind, its in orange, but anything from toysrevil should be seen as RED…right?! this little hand-made magazine fully shows his passion for toys! if you love toys and/or want to learn more about art toy culture, you should pick up a copy!

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