This and That – Back to the future edition!

Hello present! there are few things that weren’t blogged due to my busyness + slow internet, yes, i’ve been on 90’s dial up speed for a week now, thanks telecom for the crappy service, you inspired me to do a back to the future post! so here it is, seat back & i’ll take you back to the future

1. ONE WEEK AGO – i received a parcel from china! it’s Mechanical Demon by Momo Workshop!! knowing that it’s also a hand cast resin figure, i was really excited to see others resin toy, it’s a solid piece(feels solid too hehe, damn heavy :P), the tongue came in separate piece, and they even did the prime coating for me, awesome job team momo! what also impressed me is the packaging, they were able to cut the styrofoam into the shape, fits perfectly!! i know it’s common, but for limied number hand made product, how do they do it?!

…gonna start this custom toy project very soon!

2. TWO WEEKS AGO – finally got a RxH Fortune Cat! been looking for this cat in NZ for ages, no luck! thanks to PodgyPanda who got me this from SDCC! yay! it’s actually a clear one, but it lit up with a red LED, looks amazing at night!! 真 :D

3. A YEAR AGO – PANDARA was born in september 2009, so much love and support from friends, toy sites & blogs, thank you all! I’ve made this Anniversary wallpaper for you all! download available from GOODIES page :-)

4. NINETEEN EIGHTY ONE – recently dug out a piece of treasure from my garage, bought 2nd hand few years back, thought it was a junk, never really fire it up, until a recent conversation with an audiophile relative…

my current set up, a vintage LUXMAN amp from 1981, the year i was born, and today’s KECES DAC on top, loving the sound…

…imagine this design in the 80s, pretty funky huh?!

Back to the future playlist:
Metallica – Master of Puppets (1986)
Pink Floyd – The Dark Side of the Moon (1973)
Bad Religion – Generator (1992)
Pennywise – Unknown Road (1993)

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