this and that… pt.2

works at Santos are down, except Maori Warrior to extend for another month! there are still few more left to grab, all online orders to date has been shipped… thanks! also big thank you to those who covered the maori toy news, Vinyl Pulse, Plastic n plush, Toysrevil, Montreal Vinyl, Spanky Stokes, Toycyte, Acclaim & PEAP!


a photo i took from yesterdays hailstorm, garden filled with ice blocks, as i drive my way to PO, saw some kids on street eating ice from ground…yikes (hope they’re alright hehe)


Hollow Threat project back on track, experimenting some new stuff, watching/referencing a lot of heavy metal mv & wacky japanese cm at the same time…. stay tune for some HT update! :-)

Transformer 2 (liked it better than first one, except the ending is kinda rushed?! or maybe just wait for 3, now my eyes on RA-20 ice cream truck toy…..must get it!!)

some old PANTERA & Deftones…

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