Triple One!

Introducing the latest fashion boutique in AKL, NZ – Triple One Manufacturing Co. is Auckland’s premier destination for headwear and apparel from brands with roots in street art and design.

Fresh stuff in store, and the shop look and feel classy as you walk in! It’s the home of Cleatis Preston brand & ESHE brand….plus many more! Some rare collections in store, and I really love their hat selections, probably the best in Auckland! (my girl just scored one! yay!)  If you happen to be in Auckland, don’t forget to check them out(and my artworks) :-P

Triple One Mfg Co: 111 Symonds Street, Newton, Auckland 1010. New Zealand

Triple One Mfg is focused on curating an eclectic mixture of brands that all hold to the old world principals of attention to detail and producing quality over quantity.

Opens: Mon-Fri 11am-5.30pm & Saturday 10.30am-2pm

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