JB Resin Toy – W.I.P part 2

continue part 2 of the JB toy making! if you missed part 1 WIP, please click here! (warning! image heavy!)

16. i’ve completed the face in part 1 WIP, now move onto the body! making thunder stencil…

17. she got thunder!!

18. warping around her waist with masking tape, mark down where the skirt is….

19. shes no longer naked! now shape up her legs….

20. do the math! break down space evenly for her stripes legging….(i’ve impressed myself with my calculation!)

21. all dressed up!

22. cut off part of skirt at back, prepare to fill in with other elements…(think back now, this is not really necessary?! i could have just work on top of it! :P)

23. added first arm….(looks kinda dodgy i know! itchy butt :P)

24. give her a big heart! <3

25. another arm! and master sculpt is done! :D

26. prepare JB for mold making…

27. pouring silicon… (bombs away method!)

28. now part one mold is done, flip over and prepare for 2nd part of mold, here i’m brushing vaseline into the mold…

29. more silicon and finish off two part mold! it came out perfectly! :D

30. mixing chemicals, making resin toys, all happened on this little table at my backyard….(my neighbor probably think i’m making bombs…)

31. pulled my first JB, shes hot! hehe….

thats it for the making of JB resin toy! hope you all enjoy reading my hard works in past months…. JB will be out sooner than you think! check back soon for the Paint up-Final-Polished JB! thank you :-)

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