JB resin toy available now!

i’m excited to announce JB resin toy is now available from my online store! 好評発売中! en vente maintenant! jetzt im Verkauf! уже в продаже! hehe… :-)

have you seen JB’s back? shes carrying a BIG heart on her back! thats where you could tag the name of your loved one(or granny) with a sharpie pen!  making every JB a unique piece! (and rumor saying that writing the name of your crush on heart would make he/she love you instantly!!! OMG! :P)

thanks to all the toy sites who covered JB news from the beginning! ToyBreak, Plastic and Plush, TOMOPOP, Spankystokes, Vinyl Pulse, Toysrevil, Vinyl Abuse, Battlegrip, Hello Vinyl……and more (sorry if i missed you out! i’d love to add all the toy sites on my links page, so drop me a line if i missed your site!)

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